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Crecer en la naturaleza
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Bienvenid@s to Ses Milanes

Here we go to the rhythm of curiosity, of the enjoyment of things that appear along the way, of games on the fly, of running after the other, of hiding and meeting, chasing and catching. Stretching the time, stretching it a lot so that it does not disturb.
We all played together. Sometimes in small groups, and other times we also want to be alone for a while. We make a fueguito and heat the snacks. In a hole a little further we pour water and the rustic pottery begins spontaneously. We created a shelter with branches and leaves. We prepare ornaments with flowers, leaves and feathers to hang them from the trees.
The rhythm of the mornings is marked by the imagination, creativity, spirit and free spirit of Ses Milanes.

Ses Milanes is a self-managed project in Bunyola based on a pedagogical initiative in nature for children between 2 and 6 years old.

Summer 2022 – full.
Waiting list for 22-23.
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