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Ages 3 to 12 years old.
Four weeks in July, Monday to Friday (8.45 a.m. to 2.30 p.m). | registrations +34 717 774 447 (indicate name, age and period)

Ecoverano (Ecosummer)

The heat has arrived!

And together with the beginning of July we give way to the Ecoverano; a forest adventure.

During this month, Ses Milanes enlarges its family, but without forgetting its philosophy, where learning and knowledge through spontaneous play and respectful accompaniment remain the foundation.

If you want to follow the children around the forest during the summer, you’ll have to be alert as they wander between the bright sunshine and cool shade. Normally you can find them near an old coal hut in Sa Comuna de Bunyola.

There they get to know the trees and plants of the mountain. They pay attention to the sounds of birds and the flight of insects. They jump, run, and explore the paths of Sa Comuna. They sing, dance and make art with what the forest offers. They leave only their footprints in their wake and take treasures of authentic experiences.

We are glad to announce that at last we have the go-ahead to open the doors of the forest and display their desire to play, learn, and get closer to nature. The government has authorized the start of summer activities, coinciding with the passage to phase 3 of the de-escalation of the Confinement.

Therefore, the Ses Milanes Association starts the Ecoverano activity as every year. We will have the support of our year-round companions, Paty, Raquel, and Gabi, so the adult / child ratio will be very small.


The team of companions grows in summer!


Constructions with ropes and sticks


A reading break listening to the cric-cric of cicadas