What kind of initiative is Ses Milanes?

Ses Milanes is a private and non-profit initiative managed by families and the companion staff. It is a project that provides a space for children aged in the stage of non-compulsory schooling.

What about the activities?


In Ses Milanes, the companions do not propose activities. Free and spontaneous play is encouraged. It is the children who create and develop the activities arising from their needs and curiosities. Through experience, they build their own knowledge. The companions give support in their cognitive, emotional and social growth. If they detect a specific interest, they help to favour the experience.

What if it rains?


He also goes to the forest and the companions set up a tent where they can take shelter. It is fantastic to see how children react to different weather effects, whether rain or snow, and how they develop their games and carry out experiments these days. That is why it is very important a suitable rain equipment for the child as well as change clothes to enjoy these days.
There are exceptions, in the face of adverse weather conditions; whether due to wind intensity, thunderstorm or torrential rain, the city council gives up a closed place where you can spend the day.

What about the food?


Normally the children bring food to be able to make two snacks, one at the beginning of the morning and another at noon. Ses Milanes is committed to a healthy and vegetarian diet, therefore, we must avoid bringing processed foods with preservatives and added sugars to the forest.
It is also recommended to bring the food in containers that are easy to open and close, a bottle or thermos with water or infusions (without added sugars) and a fork and / or spoon. A cloth handkerchief or napkin is also useful.
We will avoid carrying single-use cutlery and plastic packaging, harmful to the environment.

And when does Ses Milanes end?


The first experiences of transition between Ses Milanes and the public school are recent. From them, we know that the children who participate throughout the cycle in Ses Milanes need a time of adaptation to the new environment and dynamics. They have no difficulty acquiring new routines and work modalities. They also stand out for their capacity for empathy, as well as for the ability to mediate and reconcile in the group.

Where are the bathrooms?

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In the forest of Ses Milanes, there are areas destined to do the function of “toilet”. These spaces are away from the play areas. Each child knows where they are and usually notify the companions when they have to go, who then provide them with toilet paper. Also in the space of the orchard, we have an ecological dry toilet, where they can sit comfortably.

How do we dress?


The ideal clothes will depend on the season of the year in which we are. For hot days better to wear light colors. Hooded jacket and waterproof pants for rainy days. On colder days we always recommend leotards and tight t-shirts made of wool, wool and silk or, failing that, 100% cotton. Products with polyester and derivatives make children sweat, increasing the feeling of cold. To this list is added a cap for the sun or wool hat for the cold. It is always advisable, especially for the little ones, to bring spare clothes. On rainy days it is essential to bring two spare parts of dry clothes (socks, underwear, t-shirt, pants and shoes).
Shoes or sandals are also very important for the terrain in which they move. Comfortable, suitable for walking in the forest, climbing, running, climbing, jumping… In case of sandals we advise to put cotton socks. And we will also need a wellies (better with non-slip sole) to enjoy the puddles and mud.

Can we take toys into the woods?

every day is an adventure, a world to discover

In general, we prefer that children do not bring toys or objects from home. In the adaptation stage, there may be some exceptions, and in some cases, children need a transitional object to give them security.

What is the role of families?


Families are essential. Participating in Ses Milanes implies being part of an associative, cooperative and community project. And that requires individual commitment, energy, dedication and presence to maintain and contribute to the growth of the project. Each person involved assumes different responsibilities (within reason) during their period of participation in the project.

What is the schedule?


Ses Milanes operates from Monday to Friday, except for national and local holidays of the Balearic Islands. A relaxed arrival and departure give the children enough time to say goodbye to their families. The arrival will be made from 8:45 to 9:15 and the departure from 14:00 to 14:30, except on Fridays which will be from 13:00 to 13:30. Punctuality is appreciated. The group will depart for the forest at 9:15 am. After that, parents can bring their child directly to the forest until 10:30 am. The meeting place will be the public playground of Es Garrigó and /or the community garden of Sa Tanca de can Fil. Punctually, if there are changes, an alternative meeting or collection point will be informed.

Can the schedule be adapted to some hours or days of the week?

It is important for children to maintain the routine from start to finish. In this way, their gradual process of group integration is favoured, as well as the process of relationships with their peers and companions. In the same way, the particular needs are always listened to and a balanced form adjusted to all is sought, thinking about the individuality of the child and the dynamics of the group.

Is there any insurance?


When a child joins the activity of Ses Milanes, an accident and civil liability insurance are made that covers any type of event that requires it.

Where do we put everything?


A comfortable backpack, of suitable size and weight, is essential. Children will learn to put it on and take it off on their own, open it, close it and take care of it. That is why the learning process is easier with a backpack of timely dimensions, resistant, with adjustable straps that can be joined with a transverse strip and with simple closures, with a separate pocket, etc.