Growing the tree

The Ses Milanes project is managed by the participating families and companions. Since it is an educational initiative in nature, it is not yet recognized by the public education system, and therefore does not receive subsidies. However, Ses Milanes is looking for ways to link education projects in nature to the public system. This involves a great workload, effort, and donations from both entities and people sympathetic to the vision of the project. With these contributions, we collaborate on the sustainability and independence of the project, in addition to supporting the development of pedagogy in nature in the Balearic Islands.

It contributes to making education in nature possible!


It is a way to support and enrich the project while participating in the daily adventure with Ses Milanes in a learning experience through play in nature. Come!


If you are not yet part of our network but your philosophy aligns with ours, then you can also be a part of the movement. You may want to help with an annual contribution to the project. IN return, you will become a fairy of the forest, that is, with special affection and attention, in addition to receiving the latest news and activities. Make your donation


There are many people and entities that collaborate with Ses Milanes. Each one contributes its grain of sand to the project, and helps to weave a growing network of friends. Do you join the network?