A network of friends

Entities or individuals are part of the network of friends that Ses Milanes has created (and continues to create). Many of them have collaborated supporting the activities offered to publicize the pedagogy in the forest, or in the activities of conservation and restoration of the elements of Sa Comuna.

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We thank everyone who has collaborated so far in some way at Ses Milanes.

  • Gabriel Vairoletti. Bushcraft's teacher and tireless collaborator of the project.
  • Linda Bottineli. Companion and co-creator of the particular pedagogy of Ses Milanes from 2014 to 2018
  • Maria Suau. Biologist and activist from Bunyola. Support the project by welcoming volunteers.
  • Antoni Amengual. Manager and facilitator of the community gardens of Ca'n Fil.
  • Katia Bone. Founder of the game group Grasshoppers, in Madrid.
  • Maria Riera
  • Maria Ferrer
  • Restaurant Sa Sal
  • Lore German
  • Miquel Estarelles. Margers Guild
  • Manolo Suarez. Ornithologist of the GOB. Bird workshop.
  • Nati of Degree. Storytelling in Sa Comuna and the day of the Environment.
  • Karen Navarro Gomis. Naturopath, floral therapist and Ethnobotanist. Workshop edible plants.
  • Magdalena Sintes. Connoisseur and activist in Sa Comuna. Reconstruction of coal barracks.
  • Damià Gomis. Biologist. Reconstruction of coal barracks.
  • Joan Carles Palos. Reconstruction of coal barracks.
  • Arantxa Andreu. Music therapist.
  • Sebastià Perelló. Biologist of the municipality of Bunyola (Joves Qualificats program). Control of nest boxes.
  • Vicens Amengual. Garriguer de sa Comuna de Bunyola.
  • Alejandra Araya. Vianants in Lluita
  • Catalina Obrador. La Veu dels Infants and l'espacio de Ca'n Timoner de Santanyí.