The nest of Ses Milanes

Ses Milanes has two nests: the forest of Sa Comuna and the orchard of Sa Tanca de Can Fil. These natural spaces accompany the Milanes throughout the year, and together with the children they change in a subtle and surprising way giving way to the seasons.
The course begins in late summer when the field is dry with few plants. You can still hear crickets, and almonds and carob trees are about to be harvested. The rains and storms of late summer herald the regrowth of plants and the change of colors from ochre and yellow to green. With the arrival of autumn the saffron lilac flowers precede the mushrooms and the crunch of the fallen leaves along with the humidity creates a nice playing field. With winter comes the cold and more rain, puddles and mud. When the day lengthens, the processionary caterpillars begin to parade, coming down from the pines to bury themselves. Spring is noticeable and robins, goldfinches and sparrows, surprise and come to look for crumbs from a morning snack or to listen to a story. Flowers of all colours and shapes seduce butterflies and ladybugs that pollinate them. And with the beginning of summer, the ses Milanes course ends.

The forest of Sa Comuna

Sa Comuna is a large mountainous area covered by the largest forest mass of pine and holm oak in the Balearic Islands. It is located in the municipality of Bunyola; a village located on the island of Mallorca, at the foot of the Serra d’Alfàbia, on the southern slope of the Serra de Tramuntana. It is in this forest, one of the largest on the island, where Ses Milanes carries out part of its daily activity.

The Sa Tanca orchard in Can Fil

The orchard of Sa Tanca de Can Fil is another space where Ses Milanes carries out its activity. Once or twice a week, children play on this large plot located in the Bunyola Valley area, surrounded by crops and farms. From there you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the mountains of Sa Gubia, Son Nasi and Son Poc, as well as the village of Bunyola.
In the garden of Sa Tanca we find different materials for games; a construction made from straw bales, a suspension bridge made with ropes and sticks, small logs, a cultivation table, pots, water jugs, etc. Not forgetting the animals of the neighbouring farm who we often feed. We also have a platform with a roof that protects us in case of rain or intense wind.