What is Ses Milanes?

Ses Milanes is a pedagogical initiative of spontaneous play in nature located in Bunyola (Mallorca). It was created in 2014 as a non-profit association by a group of mothers and fathers who, together with the companions, manage their activities.

Its educational concept is inspired by the "Wiesbadener Wanderkindergarten" founded in Germany in 1968, and the "Grasshopper Nature Play Group" founded in 2011 in Collado Mediano in the province of Madrid.

The project aims to bring about change, both within education and in the values of society. The initiative aims to develop social awareness as well as enable the incorporation of education in nature in the public education system.

Ses Milanes-créixer a la natura promotes the existence of an environment where the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and perceptual development of children is favored. These skills are most easily cultivated within the realm of nature, where children can grow freely with curiosity, enthusiasm and respect for the environment around them. In addition, daily use of public space increases the sense of belonging and the feeling of responsibility for your community. Ses Milanes accompanies children in order to develop as citizens, both local and global, respecting the differences and cultures of the environment.

Forest Booklet

The Forest Booklet is a document that includes the identity features of the project, pedagogical and organizational principles. It specifies the values and objectives of Ses Milanes as a pedagogical initiative in nature.