Training and learning are part of the natural growth of Ses Milanes. On the one hand, we attach great importance to the ongoing formation of companions, who are updating and renewing knowledge in education in nature. On the other hand, we participate in actions that aim, through experience, to share and disseminate education in nature as a model for change in the educational paradigm.


We have organized and participated in:

International Conference on Pedagogy and Didactics in Forest Schools

They were held in Buñola from 23 to 27 November 2016. A 5-day course, seminars, conferences and talks were organized with the purpose of promoting and stimulating the debate on the virtues of education in the forest. With the support of El asilo nel Bosco, Nature Rock and Treecanopy, all of the initiatives in nature pedagogy from Italy and Germany. In addition, there was the collaboration of Katia Hueso, coordinator of the Grasshopper group (the first school-forest initiative in Spain).

Talk and round table: Pedagogies in nature, towards a paradigm shift

Seminar “Towards a paradigm shift” and talk/round table distributed in 2 days in November 2016. We have the participation of: Katia Hueso, Petra Jäger (Waldkindergarten Flensburg, Germany), Paolo Nunca (Asilo nel Bosco, Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy), Linda Botinelli and Patricia Torrena (Ses Milanes, Buñola, Baleares). As a result of the meeting, the Palma Declaration emerged: Growing in nature, towards a paradigm shift.

Conference at the UIB: Pedagogies in nature, from the global to the local level

Talk “Pedagogies in nature, from the global to the local scope” under the protection of the Department of Early Childhood Education of the UIB. With the participation of: Katia Hueso, Toni Mesquida (S’Om des Bosc, Ibiza), Patricia Torena and Linda Bottinelli (Ses Milanes, Buñola, Mallorca).

Training received

We regularly promote the continuous training of the companions of the project by supporting the realization of several courses or through training stays hosted by other friendly projects that are part of the Forest Kindergarten International Federation in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

The training received by the companions of Ses Milanes and financed thanks to donations and the fees of the families are the following:

Patricia Torena Suarez

  • “University higher course: Nature as a learning scenario. Outdoor education projects “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid 2015/2016. (Face-to-face, 120h)
  • “Psychopraxis. Master in psychomotricity “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid. 2016/2018 (Face-to-face, 500h)

Linda Bottinelli:

  • “Training in emotional accompaniment in childhood (0-7 years), Veronica Anton Center, Barcelona 2016/2017.
  • Body Formation, Emotion and Learning. Path and Center Veronica Anton. Barcelona 2017/2018

Raquel Barrero

  • Lively and active education, emotional accompaniment. PATH. Barcelona 2018/2019
  • National Course of Education in Nature, EDNA. Grasshoppers, Madrid 2019
  • “Psychopraxis. Master in psychomotricity “Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2019/2021 (Face-to-face, 500h)

Agreements to welcome trainees


In 2015 an agreement was signed with the Rey Juan Carlos University to receive students in internships for a month, of the postgraduate course “Higher University Course in active education and respectful accompaniment in childhood”.


Also in 2017, an agreement was signed with the ARIFTS (Association Régionale pour l’Institut de Formation en Travail Social) of Nantes (France), to receive interns in the ERASMUS agreement.


Ses Milanes also collaborates with the association EDNA (Association of Education in Nature) in the National Course of Education in Nature.


In 2016 an agreement was signed with the University of Santiago de Compostela to receive, for two months, trainees of the master’s degree “Direction of Educational Activities in Nature“.


In 2018 a new agreement was created, this time with the Università Degli Studi di Udine (Italy) to receive interns within the framework of the ERASMUS program.


Ses Milanes has collaborated with La violeta-Espacio para el juego y la comunicación as an internship center within the framework of a postgraduate university “Nature as a learning scenario” accredited by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.


In 2017 an agreement was signed with the University of the Balearic Islands to receive trainees (300h) of the master’s degree “Early childhood, perspectives and lines of intervention“.


In 2019, an agreement was signed with ESSSE (Ecole Santé Social Sud-Est) to receive two trainees in Éducateur de Jeunes Enfants accredited by the Université de Lyon (France), within the framework of the ERASMUS program.



We continue with the training!

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