Since the beginning of the project, Ses Milanes has wanted to make itself visible and become part of the educational and associative network of the environment. Relationships with other entities, associations, people or groups that are involved in their link with nature, ecology, education, art and culture of the territory has been key. The contact with these initiatives aims to be able to collaborate and nourish each other with joint work.

The associations, people or groups with which we have collaborated are:

Ses Milanes proposes a cycle of bimonthly activities, with the aim of sharing, opening up to the environment and publicizing the project. These activities will be held on weekends, and are open to adults and children. Generally, people or entities committed to the environment who share the same ideals are invited to exchange their experiences in a playful and natural environment.


Ecoverno (Ecosummer)

During the month of July, Ses Milanes proposes an adventure experience in the forest for children. Near a saithe hut in Sa Comuna de Bunyola, Ses Milanes knows the trees and plants of the mountain. They pay attention to the sounds of birds and the flight of insects. They jump, run, and explore the paths of Sa Comuna. They sing, dance and make art with what the forest offers. They leave only their footprints in their wake and take treasures of authentic experiences.


Down-to-earth music


The forest becomes the perfect setting to celebrate with songs and stories with the music therapy of Arantxa Andreu.

Two Hands on the Pi Gros

The Dos Manos project initiated by the Ondine-Save the Med association promotes voluntary cleaning interventions in our environment. With two hands you can clean our seas or clean one of our most precious places. So we have carried out several days of collaboration with this group, on the coast of Es Carnatge and in the Pi Gros of Bunyola, collecting about 500 kg of waste.


Restoration of the ethnological heritage of Sa Comuna

Various activities have been carried out in order to rehabilitate the old buildings of Sa Comuna in order to preserve its historical memory. Every year an active recovery activity of the forest’s legacy has been carried out. The reconstruction of two coal barracks, a bread oven, and the rehabilitation of the trough for forest animals have been carried out. The activities inform participants about the place and histories such as Magdalena Sintes, the popularizer and historian Joan Carles Palos, the coalman and neighbour of the town Tomeu Nadal and Miquel Estarelles del Gremi de Margers de Mallorca.


Art and nature workshops


Artistic creation workshops for children using natural materials, presented at fairs and education days.

Bioconstruction in orchards

Workshop to build a dry toilet in the urban community gardens of Bunyola, save water and improve the land by composting.


Buschcraft School

Once a week, Gabriel Vairoletti accompanies us with his ropes and sticks to the forest. From there, constructions and games arise to make the imagination fly. Boats, bridges, swings, kitchens, tepees, kites,… every day surprises us!


Learn about native birds and how to protect them

With the collaboration of associations and experts in the field, activities are carried out that provide information and / or for the recovery of animal and plant species of the Balearic Islands. Discovering the kites in Sa Comuna or building nest boxes for “ferrericos” are some manual activities, and observation and study of the birds of the place, guided by Manolo Suárez, an ornithologist of the GOB.

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Storytelling in the forest

Excursion with stories guided by the animated story of Nati De Grado, evoking the tradition of oral narration in a special environment such as the forest of Sa Comuna. Through the story, we relive the past lives of the Commune, the trades and nature that surrounds the forest mixing reality and fiction.