Raquel Barrero Vinegar

Raquel has a Diploma in Children’s Teaching. She has worked as a child teacher and educational technician in different educational centres. Her experience led to an interest in child development and education. Trained in creativity in the classroom, emotional and affective intelligence, and living and active education in nature. She is currently completing a Master of Psychomotricity.

Raquel joined the project as a companion in 2018 with the will to learn and grow together with Ses Milanes. She accompanies their growth, respecting all the while respecting their time and space.


Families are an essential, active part of Ses Milanes. Their energy, involvement, dedication and presence is necessary for the growth of the project.
Ses Milanes is a citizens’ initiative and therefore requires commitments to maintain and strengthen the foundations and ties already built. Where possible, each family assumes responsibilities during their child’s stay with Ses Milanes.
To this end, families and companions meet in a periodic assembly. Each communicates and reports on the acts or tasks being carried out.